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Hello. My name is Denny Wayne Blanton. I was locked up as an 18-year old high school student still living at home 3 months before my senior graduation. By logic I was as young kid without a care in the world unsure what I was going to do with my life but by law I was an adult. I was a rather popular student who loved football. I was accused of kidnapping and raping my superintendent’s daughter.

The trial judge’s wife worked in very small quarters in a small office building for the superintendent. The trial judge refused to step off my case and refused my defense of consent. Both my trial lawyers have said on record they were unable to represent me due to the trial judge’s bias. The Dist. Courts ruled that my lawyers only had a professional opinion. I wasn’t allowed to say the word consent during my testimony at trial.

I have a lawyer from Columbus, Ohio who is supposedly ranked 16 in the state of Ohio as a super lawyer. He used to be the prosecutor of Columbus, Ohio. My point is the District Court has recently ruled he filed my appeals wrong. However he claims there is and was no other way to file.

I am a strong Christian believer. I went to Sunday School as a young child. Then again as a teenager. Shortly before coming to prison and before cheating on my girlfriend I asked her to go to church with me and change our lives but she wasn’t ready. My point is I’ve always been pulled to God but I’ve really learned a lot over these past 5 years. I truly believe in John 14: 12-14 and I love the example of Smith Wigglesworth. I know the Holy Spirit is with us. I can’t even get a preacher to come and see me in prison or be willing to talk to me on the phone. My father has worked everyday for the past 5 years to pay for my Appeal lawyer, he has even slept on jobs. My father is 50 years old and has been doing hard labor for almost 30+ years. He even tho he is fighting an almost impossible financial battle. He still is very generous to the Lord.

The trial judge refused to accept payments on my court cost and or waive court cost. He sent a letter to my parents saying he believed they could pay for it. 5 years later only recently has the Lord made a way for them to accept payments and now my sister is paying monthly payments.

My trial lawyer told my family that the prosecutor said he was moving forward with another case to trial, even tho I was already sentenced to 3 Life Sentences and nobody in Ohio has received parole doing a Life Sentence in the past 15 years according to my trial lawyer at sentencing. Adams County foolish prosecution of me was amid their own financial struggles. The prosecutor said they wanted to run my rather poor family out of money so I would be unable to file my appeals, according to my trial lawyers conversation with prosecutor. So I ultimately received 12 more years for a felonious assault and kidnapping in the county jail even tho the alleged victim only suffered minor injuries and he him nor the doctor could say he was knocked out which is why I was ultimately found guilty.

My only statement is what the Devil has done harm to me by this great abuse of justice, is going to be the reason God is able to set me free. I have seen the true light and I know John 14: 12-14 is real and happening. And I’m looking for anyone willing to help set a real believer free. I am not a hopeless case like they say. I am not a risk to society! I am a short matter of time I will be in the Federal Courts, if the Ohio Supreme Court who has accepted my case for review should deny my appeal. I’m looking for honest Christian lawyers to help aid in my Federal Appeal or anyone wanting to encourage me to talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

- Thank you.

My Appeal Lawyer is:

Dennis C. Belli
Belli Law Office
Columbus, Ohio

You can write me to my listed address or you can get on my JPAY Account at and send me emails but you’ll have to purchase stamps. I’m looking for any and all advice.

Write to me at:

Denny Blanton, Jr.
PO Box 45699
Lucasville OH 45699-0001

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