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Behind The Wall. What does that mean to you?
Do you feel that everybody behind the wall should be here?

To Whom It May Concern:

The problem with unfair incarcerations against African American males is on the rise. Injustice and its presuppositions are critical and need to be scrutinized as the state of New Jersey is making every effort to put all African Americans away through the process of “injustice.”

Professor Chris was arrested and convicted on charges with no merits and with no direct evidence connecting him to the crime.

For my part, to stop this form of injustice, I have decided to create a GoFundMe Account. All funds in the form of donations will be used to hire an experienced legal team to work on Professor Chris’s behalf in order to make sure justice is served.

Kindly donate any amount you can to help pay for Professor Chris’ legal defense.

The billions of dollars spent to build prisons represent billions of dollar’s worth of lost opportunity.

An extraordinary number of African Americans are being incarcerated, and the number is on the rise. Professor Chris is another victim of the American justice system gone awry. He was convicted of a crime he did not commit. Even the alleged co-defender stated that Professor Chris had no part or connection with or to the crime. The prosecutor still worked to convict him.

The “Justice for the Poor” is working diligently to retain a legal team that will get the professor back in court. That is why we created the GoFundMe Account.

We are currently accepting donations of any amount, and we promise you the donors that your donations will be used for the purpose in which the donations were originally intended.

The awakening of Critical Consciousness leads the way to the expression of justice discontents, precisely because these discontents and injustices are real components of an oppressive situation such as that of the conviction of Professor Chris.

While the problem of mass incarceration of hopeless African Americans is on the rise, the problem of racism has always been in existence from an axiological point of view. Being African American’s central problem, it now takes on the character of an inescapable concern, not only as an ontological possibility, but as a historical reality. Freedom would require us to reject this image and replace it with autonomy and responsibility. Freedom is acquired by conquest, not by gift or fear. It must be pursued constantly and responsibly. 

Freedom is not an ideal located outside of man; nor is it an idea which becomes myth, it is rather the indispensable condition of unity, justice, and the quest for human completion. We must all work towards a complete justice for all and it all starts with “Justice for Professor Chris,” with your financial support of any amount will be used in securing a competent legal team for Professor Chris. 

Thank you,
- CM Browne 852926B. – Prince Olympia Macciola

Please reach out me on the 3 others on top. Thank you.

Write to me at:

Chris Browne
East Jersey State Prison (EJSP)
Lock Bag R
Rahway NJ 07065

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