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To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Dan Leake #324834, and I’m in search of someone or some people who can give me sound legal assistance, as well as advice. If you are the type that can consider life, liberty, transition or second chances, then you are that humanitarian that I seek to work with. I’m seeking people who can come up with strategies that can possibly unravel this puzzle that has kept me incarcerated for the last past 18 years.

I was sentenced to 45 years in 2002-04, on two different charges of murder for (1) victim, in the State of Maryland Prince George’s County. I was convicted of 2nd-Degree Murder, Manslaughter, and the use of a handgun in the crime of violence. Yes, (an inconsistent verdict). I’ve filed or have had my direct appeal, post-conviction. I’ve filed an illegal sentence pro se, as well as a Federal Habeas Corpus, to other miscellaneous options that have some how failed miserably. My Constitutional Rights were violated. I requested expert testimony from medical examiners of how victim was killed, requests were ignored by public attorney and court. This testimony was vital to my case, due to that particular (testimony) was my only witness in my favor, that could counter-argue the statement of State’s star witnesses. Unable to have such witness tarnished my trial among other things which would’ve definitely made the outcome different.

You can write me at: RCI 18701 Roxbury Road Hagerstown, Maryland 21746.

Write to me at:

Dan Leake
18701 Roxbury Rd.
Hagerstown MD 21746

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