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Hi, thank you for your time.

All evidence excludes me from the crime, DNA, ballistics, etc. DNA put the person setting me up at the crime.

My ex G.F. at first swore I was innocent, then detectives threatened her and told her to say I shot the man.

Where then my (ex) made up all types of stories. All said I called someone, picked him up, then he injected drugs into her neck, she blacked out, we slit her wrist and dumper her at the E.R. Prosecution went to the dude who set me up & offered him a deal and it’s on record they told him to collaborate my ex’s story. So dude testified he heard my plan to kill my ex with a (hot shot) and saw me slap her. Then my ex broke down at trial and admitted she really slit her own wrist outta anger and that dude wasn’t even present as he claimed to be when he allegedly heard me plan to kill her. Also the drugs found in my ex’s system was Meth/PCP, but she admitted she was hooting up a couple thousand dollars worth.

So why would I have to call someone to inject her with the drugs she was already shooting up? Also the hospital doctor testified she was awake when I brought her in. They sedated her because she was crazy and violent.

Also prosecution has phone calls of me and my ex from prior case, and she told me Mexicans were trying to kill her because they wanted “(A stick for a stick).” I was protecting two women from two guys who then jumped me, tried to car jack me, pulled weapons, so I stabbed both of them in defense. My ex was jealous and made up some crazy story about this attempt on her life while I was in jail and she told me her (spec ops) buddies flew in and long story short saved her, but undercover cops showed up and escorted the attackers away.

Prosecution has all this on C.D.

My entire trial was a set up.

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Dereck Webb
Centennial Correctional Facility
PO Box 600
Canon City CO 81215

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