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RE: Inmate is seeking legal assistance on a Pro Bono basic.

My name is Paul Henry, and I am seeking some legal assistance with my case. I am determined and continuing my search for justice.

I was convicted of Murder 2, Robbery 1, and Burglary 1. I was found guilty in 1997, in the County of Nassau.

1) I was arrested without a legal valid warrant of arrest.

2) The officers that came to Queens County to pick me up didn’t tell me I was under arrest, didn’t read me my rights, and they didn’t notify the Queens police or the Court that they were coming into their jurisdiction.

3) They didn’t have a positive identification. I was illegally posted and identified from a police Line-up, after the police had shown my Mug-shot to the plaintiff, prior to the line-up. Prior to the line-up the plaintiff stated to the police that she was uncertain of my identity.

4) There was a wanted flyer with me the alleged perpetrator listed in Art sketch – with a listed offering of a Reward of up to $1,000. The person in the flyers had no physical resemblance of me.

5) There was an anonymous caller that the detective never met. The anonymous caller didn’t say I was involved. The anonymous caller told the police to talk to someone else – and that person knows who else is involved. That information from the caller to the detective clearly is not valid proof as to enable the police to arrest me.

6) There was one person who was involved, and testified for the District Attorney. On the witness stand she admits that she always led to get out of trouble.

7) They had no phone record of mine. The police didn’t have my fingerprints, DNA, no weapon, or other evidence to link me to the scene of the crime.

I was arrested in violation of my Fourth (4), and Sixth (6) Amendment Rights of the Constitution of the United States of America. My case was based upon flimsy evidence and potential unfair process. I was falsely arrested without probably cause.

Conclusions: However, this is all the evidence they had when they arrested me. I did not have a prior criminal history, in fact, I was arrested based upon the composite sketch that was posted in the news media. It is safe to say that I had no prior criminal history, other than now unconstitutional conviction. I have Exhibits to support everything I have mentioned.

You can reach me at the above address or email by downloading the JPay App. The here defendant sincerely thanks you and your law firm for its kind consideration in the reading and time herein given to this matter.

Write to me at:

Paul Henry
Shawangunk Correctional Facility
PO Box 700
Wallkill NY 12589

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