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Hello, my name is Shron Linder. I am 43 years old from the Philadelphia, PA area. Currently incarcerated for 8-1/2 to 17 years for Conspiracy to Commit Burglary & Corrupt Organization. This conviction stemmed from a corrupt investigation along with corrupt officials who speak headed the whole thing from beginning to end. I was wrongfully convicted in the Montgomery CO PA Court of common pleas. But my problems of injustice started at the Magistrate level. The affiant/detective submitted an affidavit of probably cause for arrest which stated on 4/7/16 officers responded to active burglary alarm. Upon arrival officers found 2nd floor bathroom window broken and home ransacked. 

Upon review of my discovery I found out that officers who responded to home alarm wrote a police report that when they searched home, there was no sign of forced entry and it was a faulty alarm. Alarm Co. was notified and call was recorded as well as homeowner wrote a report that officers told her no forced entry. This lie was presented to Magistrate to give him probable cause to sign arrest warrant. 

The next issue is the same affiant presented on same affidavit of probable cause, that I was seen on home video breaking into home after knocking and receiving no answer, that a silver car is seen in front of home and I am seen talking to a black male.

At my preliminary hearing the affiant admitted that not only does he not see anyone break into home, nor does he see anyone else, but more importantly he does not know who broke into his home. But this was disregarded by my trial counsel and I was found guilty, without any proof. Every allegation to back it up. These are only 2 issues I am sharing. I have about 3 more just as strong.

I am looking for help. Legally I am layman. If someone can reach out to me and help me format a DCRA Petition I would be very appreciative. I have until June 2021 before my year deadline expires. I have all my police reports, etc. 

Thank you for your time and consideration with this matter. An innocent man has been convicted. Don’t believe me, give me a chance to show you the evidence. 

Respectfully, Shron

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Shron Linder
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