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I have been wrongfully convicted for a crime I did not do. I was given a Life Sentence for an Attempted 2ndBurglary from 2003 from Brooklyn.

I have made efforts to correct this and even that has not produced any results. I have two (2) 440 motions in court and have been on the calendar since November 17, 2017. I know something is not right but need some help.

I have obtained proof and need to present it with someone who knows that people like me should be heard. I still believe in the justice system but realize that the people who are entrusted to provide this are the ones who are broken. 

Please look at my case and you’ll see for yourself that what I say is true.

Thank you.

Write to me at:

Salvador DeJesus Garcia
Eastern NY Corr. Facility
Box 338
Napanoch NY 12458-0338

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