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I’m seeking a Christian legal advocate to help me defend my testimony for Christ. In 2017 I attempted to rescue my wife from a life of prostitution. In return I was kidnapped, charged with kidnapping (irony), and sentenced to die in prison. A man cannot be charged with kidnapping if he is in the process of preventing a crime, and a husband certainly should not be punished for trying to save his wife’s life. I hope and pray that there is someone out there as zealous for Christ as I am, who will defend taking a stand for godly principles for legal consideration:

- A phone trace was used without meeting the requirements for one – that a person’s life be in jeopardy. Jane was in no danger, and there were never any threats nor was there any other evidence that would lead one to suspect that she was in danger. Just the opposite, I was taking her out of harm’s way.

- A gun was taken from my home and used by the prosecution as an enhancement when it had no relevance to the events in question and was miles away at all times.

- My defense of necessity was barred by the judge without being given a fair hearing.

- The truth of Jane’s (wife) prostitution was not allowed to come out due to the misapplication of a sex crime statute suppressing all mention of her sexual history. My case is not a sex case, so all this information should have been allowed. The whole truth needs to be told.

I hope you or someone you know can help me right this injustice. If so, more than one life could be saved. The Lord rewards all those who come to the defense of His saints. May the Lord bless and keep you.

In Christ, Jack Morgan

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Jack Morgan
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