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Seeking supporters and advocates for my clemency efforts before Governor DeSantis: letters, e-mails, phone calls. I seek only concurrent instead of consecutive sentences. Over zealous prosecutor gave me 5 stacked sentences totaling 48 years (including 25 years for a violation of probation that scored out to only 48 months, and 8 years for contraband in which the contraband was letters I attempted to mail out via my attorney when the jail enacted a postcard only rule).

I’ve served 18 years, graduated a Faith & Character Program, taught other women to help them attain GED’s, trained companion and search/rescue dogs, earned a 2nd BA in Religious Education from Seminary. I have a home and job upon release.

My youngest daughter graduates high school this year and my oldest daughter is expecting her 3rd child. My parents are elderly and I want to go home to help them, put my daughter through college and help with my grandbaby. Thank you for whatever you can do!

*NOTE – Most serious crime of manslaughter is completely served, only minor offenses remain.

Write to me at:

Kimberly Cannon
#550312 / U2
Lowell Correctional Institution
11120 NW Gainesville Rd.
Ocala FL 34482

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