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How are you doing? My name is De’Juan Anthony Carlton. I’ve been incarcerated since I was 17 years old. I was blindly convicted of Agg. Murder and Agg. Robbery. I’ve been incarcerated for 11 years now. My birthday has just past and I’m now 28 years old. People believe in others changing for the worse. So I believe people can change for the better as well. It’s very rare that people get to have a second impression at life when you get incarcerated for charges that I’ve been blindly convicted of. As a foolish child I thought as one. 

I’m now a 28-year-old adult. And the man that I am today would ever allow me to go back to the foolish child that I was. I was a childish fool. And I came to a childish fool’s end. Now I’m an adult. I’m still paying for my childish ways. My mother passed away when I was 17 years of age. Then I get blindly convicted for 23 years to Life. 

Everyone would say that they believe in second chances at life. So if you past away, wouldn’t you pray that someone would have the heart, strong will, genuine love and humanity to help your child fight and get out of prison. Kids do foolish things. But, it shouldn’t cost them they’re life. 23 to Life is a long time. I have lost a lot since I’ve been incarcerated. How much more could anyone want from this 17-year-old child that’s now an adult and don’t understand why I’ve been over sentenced. 

So I reach out to the pure hearts and souls of the world and ask ya’ll to help me, help myself. Fight to get out of prison.

PS. You can contact me at

Take care, genuinely, De’Juan Anthony Carlton

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De'Juan Carlton
#603-155 / 13 East 123
Trumbull Correctional Inst.
PO Box 901
Leavittsburg OH 44430

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