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Pleading for help from a compassionate Attorney!!!

I have a high profile case; railroaded, and smashed my first time ever being arrested. (Warrantless Arrest), only supposed to execute a Search Warrant and Buccal Swabs).

• My Defense Attorneys only tried persevering my many issues for Appeal. NO Defense strategy (with many flaws, including losing a hair sample they collected by a 3rd party), nor challenged the misconduct by the Police, Judge, Jury, and Prosecution.

• I confessed but A LOT of what I said did not happen! (Verified by Medical Examiner & Evidence).

• I was convicted of:

1) 1st degree Felony and Premedicated Murder (Though, the same Jury during my sentencing hearing found my crime was NOT premeditated, as a Mitigating Factor – Death Penalty Case; since then, Maryland has gotten rid of the Death Penalty).

2) 1st degree Rape, NO DNA Evidence, during confession only stated, after 14 plus hours and continuing to say, “No, I didn’t rape her.” I was found Guilty, after saying, “I probably stuck the tip in.” Probably is not beyond a reasonable doubt.

• My confession was 40 days after the alleged crime, as well as intoxicated. After over 19 hours being held; my Defense never brought up the argument; I was mentally diminished and would’ve said anything to get the interrogations to stop.

• I never did my Post-Conviction after my Judge made my case the 1st in Maryland to allow the media access to my Trial Exhibits (On my alleged Birthday). Including pictures of my family; my family had nothing to do with my case.

• While waiting, my 10-year automatic Post-Conviction Hearing expired. With hopes, new rules would pass and could use Leave to Appeal to reopen my Post-Conviction.

• Maryland Rule 4-345 is suppose to change; which would give anyone who was convicted and sentenced under 25 years old (I was 22 & 23), as well as, served at least 15 years (I have, Feb. 7th, 2006) have a chance at a sentencing reduction. If denied, you can reapply ever 6 years.

• My family had an Attorney look over my case, however didn’t think I would get any relief. After discussing with the Attorney the lack of elements, for my Rape conviction; they believe I shouldn’t have been found Guilty. With looking at my case by 1st overturning the Rape conviction. It’s no longer a Felony Murder AND I was intoxicated, so I couldn’t have the Premeditation to murder.

• I’m in search of a Proactive Attorney willing to fight, since my case will not be an easy one. I guarantee your experience and knowledge will find more issues.

• PLEASE, I’m literally pleading for my life. I know I deserve time, but not my whole life. Help me get from this concrete grave.

• Feel free to contact me directly or using this site. Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you.

Write to me at:

John Gaumer
#343687 / 5B22B
13800 McMullen Hwy SW
Cumberland MD 21502

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