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I defended myself on my family’s property. Surveillance captured portions of incident from different views. One camera captures only the back of person and could not view firearm pulled on me first. Different camera I can be seen. I am Native American with traits I cannot change, wearing a Native American bandanna on my forehead. Tunnel vision on me caused intentional bias by bad actors. Next, superseding event with serious constitutional issues has yet to be addressed.

After one and a half day of trial, the district court denied my two motions for judgment of acquittal for first degree murder. Insufficient evidence. I was denied funds for expert witnesses. Confidential information and police complaints were also never disclosed to me. Person that pulled firearm on me had “white power” tattoos on his body that were not admitted in my trial.

My sentence is unconstitutional. I need help. Assistance sought:

• Forensic video analyst to review surveillance video evidence.

• Toxicologist opinion regarding effect 780 nanograms of meth in blood of person and/or if it contributed to cause of death.

• Actual time medical assistance was given.

• Warrant reviewed for discrepancies.

• Restructure/rebuild digital imprint and/or social media.

• Connect with advocacy groups.

Write to me at:

Keith Lamebull
Bent County Correctional
11560 Road FF 75
Las Animas CO 81054-9573

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