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Hello, my name is Marcus. It’s hard to come into contact with the outside world locked inside a cage, but the only thing I have is my mind, my spirit and my soul. Regardless the things I had to endure, I never allowed it to take my hope away, my integrity, my dignity, nor my sanity. At thirty-three I still very much so feel alive and well. I take good care of myself and keep a positive mind set. By thinking and constantly dreaming about my future and my freedom I’m able to see the light in the darkness. This experience can break you or make you. I’ve chosen the latter. I’m tryn to uplift people that I’m around and enlighten them with things they can use to better deal with this current circumstance.

I’m an adventurous, humorous, ambitious person every day. I have to accomplish some things, rather that’s exercising my body, my mind by reading or learning something new. I enjoy a lot of reality shows such as Storage WarsAncient AliensNaked and Afraid. Other than that I love sports, especially football. I played in Middle School. I had went to a boys group home at about age thirteen out in the country basically an all-white school but it was a cool experience. I just was getting into too much trouble, which pretty much been the story of my life since a teen growing up without a father or mother and having a broken household didn’t help much. But I think the best thing that could of happened to me is getting to know God and start a spiritual journey. 

This case I caught has been the worst experience, not just due to the fact I was given a Life Sentence but a human being lost their life and a family was changed forever, and this was something that happened because I ran from police and my car flipped over and struck the officer. Something I wish never transpired. I felt like it was a dream and wasn’t real, but it was all too real. I ask God for forgiveness so many countless nights. Daily I’m fighting to get a fair day in court, a black man in a mostly white town didn’t stand a chance when it should have been vehicular manslaughter I was charged with murder. 

Right is right and wrong is wrong. I’m gonna need some help and I want to connect with some people that can help because it’s been ten long years and justice still has not come. Hopefully I cross paths with someone that can be a changing factor in my life. I’m praying.

Sincerely, Marcus


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Marcus Israel
Ross Correctional Institute
PO Box 7010
Chillicothe OH 45601

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