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What happened to Bruce?

• According to her testimony, given under oath, his would be fiancé, got his cell phone number from a friend’s phone and called him.

• She called him a lot. Nearly to the point of harassment. It was during these phone calls and text messages that she first tells Bruce that she is 23 and her name is Jordan.

• They became involved with each other, neither seeing anyone else.

• After they found out that she was pregnant, they moved in together, in a trailer owned by her Grandparents, with whom they rented it from. They, both, wanted to get married and start their family.

• Excited to share her good news she tells her mom everything about the baby & Bruce. It was after her mother met Bruce was she okay with Bruce and her daughter getting married & living together. To this day his future Mother-in-Law still writes him expressing how she wishes Bruce was home to raise his daughter.

• It was during an argument that his fiancé told him that she lied about her age. She told him that she was only 16. Bruce left because he was confused and felt like he was tricked into this situation.

• Two days later the police arrived at her Grandparents actual home, to ask about Bruce’s location, all while searching the home for him, because he had outstanding warrants for driving charges. Bruce was told by his fiancé that she was questioned about being 16 & pregnant. 

• According to her testimony, she went to the cops and told them what her and Bruce had done. Her only thoughts were of getting him back with her. She didn’t want to press charges and she did not want to help the state. Bruce did end up getting arrested and put in jail on Oct. 30, 2009.

• While he was in jail his daughter was born. Feeling that his world was nearly complete, he was over the moon.

• After being released from jail on Dec. 22, 2009, he went to court, as required. On Dec. 28, 2009 where he found out about the pending charges against him.

• At trial, on the stand his fiancé testified that she in fact did lie to Bruce about her age. She also said that they were happily engaged, to be married.

• During the trial; the state, his lawyer and the judge all tell the jury that his fiancé is lying to Bruce about her age is not a defense. As a direct result Bruce has been sentenced to a total of 120 years in prison.

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