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My name is DeAndre Williams. I’m an “actually innocent man – who has been wrongfully & purposely convicted of Assault 2nd degree & sentenced to 25 years to Life.”

Every charge I was arrested – indicted & tried upon – “I was found not guilty of Assault 2nd wasn’t even pleaded at trial & was submitted after closing arguments as part of the Prosecution’s case which they must prove, which was an impossibility – as they never pleaded it or submitted any evidence of commission or guilt.” 

(See “Inside-Out”)

I’m looking for people who can help me expose this injustice as well as send letters to Judge George Fufido of the Westchester County Court – 111 Grove St. White Plains, NY 10601 – Indictment #97-1571 & request that he grant my motion for a hearing on my actual-innocent claims.

I would appreciate any help & assistance in this matter & thank you in advance.

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My Patience Strong! – DeAndre Williams

Write to me at:

Deandre Williams
Wende Correctional Facility
Wende Road, Box 1187
Alden NY 14004

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