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For your legal interest. Hi. My name is Marcus. I am serving a 25-year flat sentence with 5 years of Post-Release Supervision for an alleged robbery, First Degree (N.Y. PL 160.15[4]). I also have a 2-4 year sentence running consecutive and 18 months Federal time for a VOSR. I will be out sooner than what the paperwork(s) say. And I know it’s just a matter of time. Before GOD ALMIGHTY, I stand innocent of this alleged Rob. 1º and there is evidence attainable to prove this. 

I just need that right touch of legal assistance. This includes subpoenas which will access the evidence, then comes the §440.10 Motion and the conviction will be reversed, charges dismissed then follows other legal recourse. It’s not about the money, it’s about what is right in the Sight of My Lord and God Jesus the Christ. And I am confident that my helper will be smiling.

You can contact me at [my] prison address and I’ll give you more information at that time. Thank-you for your time, attentions, considerations, etc.

~ Marcus A. Micolo

Write to me at:

Marcus Micolo
Woodbourne Correctional Facility
99 Prison Rd., PO Box 1000
Woodbourne NY 12788-1000

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