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“Bad Deal”

Hello, I’ve a wrongful conviction claim on grounds that the court “lack subject matter jurisdiction;” and “ineffective assistance of counsel,” for counsel’s failure to act on that error. I was convicted under the account of duress and fraud to plead guilty to multiple murders, which I’m “ACTUALLY INNOCENT” of committing. I was young, scared and intimidated by the justice system at the time, and my trial attorney, in collusion with the prosecution, used the DEATH PENALTY as a threat and a bargaining tool to force me into taking a bad deal on murder cases I wasn’t legally charged with. There were no indictments, nor “valid” complaints or affidavits filed against me, alleging the commission of an offense upon a finding of probably cause, before being extradited. The plea deal was presented as my only hope at staying alive, metaphorically holding a loaded gun to my head!

I can claim responsibility for not being there for my daughter, not being a son to my mother when she needs me the most, and not being a big brother to my sister. Yet, I can no longer claim responsibility for crimes I DID NOT COMMIT. Helping others gives you the greatest, purest joy in the world. No drug can ever give you the same feeling of joy. By helping, you feel appreciated and needed. Well, I NEED YOUR HELP! Can you please help me get my story out?

Sincerely, Torrance Black

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Torrance Black
#P-13534 / D3-221
Pelican Bay State Prison
PO Box 7500
Crescent City CA 95532

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