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The petitioner demonstrates violation/s while in the custody of the State of Arizona in the petition set forth;

1) Illegal search and seizure, under Riley V. California.

2) Newly discovered evidence (material) in violation under Brady v. Maryland.

3) Prosecution misconduct, in conducting in criminal activity (see) Habeas Corpus 28U.S.C.§2254-CV-173340-PHX-JAT-DMF.

4) Abuse of discretion, in the denial of three witnesses in testimony of certain accounts, and testimony of accuser cutting the name of “Jerry” 3 or 4 times all over her body.

5) Ineffective assistance of counsel, by the suppression of material evidence rendering trial attorney ineffective at trial under Strickland v. Washington.

42 U.S.C.§1983, gives remedy/s – action at law, suite in equity, or other proper proceedings for redress – to parties deprived of constitutional rights, privileges, and immunities by officials abuse of his position Monroe v. Pape.

In petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court for violations of the constitution, and due process rights to set aside Heck v. Humphrey as a precented course in proceedings for violations/misuse of power passed by virtue of state law made possible with authority of state law Johnson v. Lucas.

Seeking assistance in Pro-Bono or payments.

See Exhibits.

Exhibit I:

Police reports of petitioner requesting an order of protection/restraining order, against the accuser. This is the first of three cases from this accuser.

Exhibit II:

Direct Appeal in Pro-se submitted direct appeal of testimony of accuser to C.P.S. stating C.P.S. allowed the accuser to stay at residence, and the C.P.S. personal being denied to testify at trial of these accounts.

Exhibit III:

Transcripts of the accuser admitting at carving the name “Jerry,” the name of the petitioner on her body several times, plus having a tattoo of “Jerry,” and the Judge preventing this testimony in at trial.

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