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In Amarillo, TX the alleged victim, my common-law wife’s 13-year-old daughter was to be placed in a correctional facility for 4 years due to her bad behavior. A month before the girl was to be placed in the facility she accused me of raping her and of her mother hitting her on the head with a clothing iron. Her teachers, child protective services and a sheriff conducted an investigation and discovered that the reason she made up the story was so she wouldn’t go to the facility… July 1, 1997 – the very same day the girl was to be sent to the facility she again claimed I raped her.

Immediately a rape exam was done and the results were negative but still I got arrested. Later DNA tests confirmed the girl’s claims were false. I was asked to plead guilty and accept a 7-year sentence – which I refused. Later I was given a one-sided and very unfair one-day jury trial represented by a court appointed lawyer. I wasn’t allowed to present witnesses or evidence or to testify on my behalf. I was convicted and received a 99-year sentence.

All my legal and human rights were violated. They took advantage of me and treated me unfairly because I knew very little English and knew nothing about the law. I didn’t have family to support me and help me.

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Juan Barrueta
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