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I know I have not right to ask you for your legal help or donations. And I know that when I become a Christian inside these prisons it won’t give me the right to ask you for anything. But I think everyone deserves a second opportunity in life. Therefore, I submit my story to the world that seeks financial assistance to afford the service of an effective attorney to reduce my sentence to TIME SERVED.

As you might know, there is too much legal drama in prison, more than you can think of. My judgment is a good example. If you look at my case you can judge me again. I have nothing to hide. In fact, I have been punished severely with loneliness, rejection, racism, all these 18 years in prison. It has been cruel and unusual punishment. That is why I got Jesus and He made me a new creation.

This metamorphosis was real to me. I started to make amendments. Participating in all types of programs like Substance and Alcohol Abuse, Anger Management, and more than 100 educational and vocational programs. I have been working as a GED Tutor. Also I have been teaching Release Preparation Programs and Adult Continuing Education classes on everything including Real Estate, Business Plan, Legal Research, Corporations, 7 Habits for Highly Effective People, Parenting, and all curriculums available in prisons. One 11/02/2020 I became a Teacher’s Aid by the U.S. Department of Labor. And most importantly I am the Vice-President of Inside Out Toastmasters Club #3281098 (For the Education and Public Relations). Currently I am the Education Law Clark within the United States Penitentiary Yazoo City, a maximum-security federal prison located in Mississippi. Please see all my exhibits.

I have already served 18 years in the criminal system (state and federal) should the federal court grant non pro tune designation of my state time as federal. That is the whole point of my request for your legal help and donations. However, there are important legal aspects of my judgment that I would like to point out for a better understanding of my compelling need of liberty and pursue of justice.

On 06/05/2005 I got indicted in the Boston Federal Court for the Use of Interstate Commerce Facilities in the Commission of Murder for Hire. It was a perfect entrapment manufactured by another inmate while I was in jail pending trial for my Assault and Battery on my ex-wife. As a result, this inmate used me to successful reduce his potential 30-year sentence to 8 years sentence. And after hearing about informants in the federal criminal system I knew I was predisposed to commit this crime because the federal agents developed a “strategy plan” instructing the informant how to make me do it. See Jury Transcripts 5:119 Lines 19-25 and 5:120 Lines 1-5.

Specifically, it was the court who was disposed to agree with the suggestion my court appointed attorneys were able to make: “To be placed in the federal custody… turned to the Marshalls and placed in an institution under federal jurisdiction.” See Jury Transcripts 6:124 Lines 6-12. In fact, the Government had no objection. Id. At 6”124 Line 13. And that is why the Court did order a detention order to avoid doing dead time. Id. At 6:126 Lines 16-22. Please see the Exhibits I enclosed of my transcripts to support my TIME SERVED argument.

Thank you for reading my legal ad and profile. I am looking forward to hear from you.

Respectfully Submitted, Guillermo VASCO #25678-038

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