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I am a 50 yr. old male serving 99 years for DWI. During my incarceration I have discovered several startling facts. The list beings as follows:

(1) My blood alcohol analysis was done by a lab that is now closed for falsifying blood samples.

(2) Two high profile lab technicians that worked for Integrated Forensics Lab in Bedford, Texas have been terminated for falsifying blood alcohol analysis. Their names are Cherrie Lemon and Elizabeth Feller. Google both these women’s names with “IFL” and there are numerous articles on their misdeeds. (Both women worked on my case.)

(3) From the two attached documents you can tell my indictment is a fraud upon the court. It did not come from a grand jury. Someone sat in their office and had a piece of paper typed up and had the clerk illegally file it and took me to trial without legal jurisdiction on a document that was forged by an over-zealous district attorney.

I have most of the supporting documentation that I need. I have went from the trial court in the supreme court with one line blanket denials. I believe it’s basically a pandora’s box. The small Texas town I was convicted I’m forged more than my single indictment.

They are also hiding the fact, they have multiple convictions hiding Brady evidence on blood alcohol analysis, from the two-above mentioned lab technicians.

I personally believe in the end it is going to take some media-attention in my case and others similarly involved from this county, DA and Judge.

The courts are in collusion because it proves a lot of convictions in the county are based on fraud. Please Google the names of the lab technicians I mentioned and read the attached documents. I am a pro-se defendant in need of outside support. Your time and effort is respected and highly appreciated. I can be reached at the below address.

Thank you!!

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