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DOB: 11-24-1964
RACE: Native-American
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
HAIR: Bald
EYES: Brown

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Matt Sims

General Mailing Address:
#P23901 / 250-5L
Avenal State Prison
PO Box 904
Avenal CA 93204

Allow me to open this introduction with the utmost appreciation for whoever you may be.

If you’ve found the time in your day to read these words, I am genuinely thankful. To a man in my position, it sincerely means the world. Now my only hope is this could be the beginning of some form of lasting relationship. Whether it be a friendship or possibly something more, I am open to all forms of communication.

If I were to allow circumstance to define who I am, then I would be inmate #P-23901. Just a number. Amongst a sea of forgotten faces, I’d be just another. But I do not and I am not. Who I am is Matthew Sims, an avid outdoorsman who loves nature in all its splendid beauty. I’m happiest when I’m camping and returning to the essence of my Native American ancestry. Roaming the Redwoods of Northern California. Hunting and fishing for dinner. I am also a skilled, certified Machinist who loves taking things apart. Building bikes and restoring old cars keeps me happily occupied. It’s just an added plus that people pay me for it.

I was born a natural thrill seeker. Climbing Redwood trees a quarter mile high in my logging days was always a good fill for my adrenaline fix. I’m well-read in the subjects of nutrition and physical training and spend the majority of my day bodybuilding.

If you happen to find the person I am intriguing enough to spark your interests… Feel free to write. I will respond to all letters. Don’t be fooled by my heavily tattooed, muscular exterior, beneath it lies a sensitive, caring man. An enthusiastic talker and an extremely good listener, awaiting your correspondence and conversation eagerly.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Anyone ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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