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DOB: 03-08-1988
RACE: African-American
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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Mattieu Burks

General Mailing Address:
Great Meadow Correctional Facility
Box 51, Route 22
Comstock NY 12821-0051

Looking for a Friend...

Hello, My name is Mattieu. I’m originally from the island of Barbados, but I claim Upstate NY as my home. I come from a large family, but we weren’t brought up together and we aren’t close. Basically, I’ve been on my own since I was a child.

I’m quick witted, free spirited and strong minded. I’m well rounded; college educated, street smart, athletic and compassionate. I try to always keep a positive outlook on life. Broken hearts, broken dreams, broken promises… We all experience them, but only the best of us still love, still hope, still believe.

I’m not necessarily searching for someone who is like me, but rather someone who is true to who she is and willing to share herself with me. Someone who will put forth equal effort towards a mutual pursuit of happiness regardless of how similar or different we may be.

I understand that beauty comes in many different shapes and sizes. I am open to interracial dating, and I understand that beauty comes in many different shapes and sizes.  I have no children of my own, but I’ve previously dated women who have children.

I’m very ambitious.  After my release I plan to establish a LLC, and eventually buy into Real Estate and Small Franchise. I’m healthy, drink rarely, never smoke, but don’t judge.

Likes: Music (Hip Hop, Country, Reggae, EDM). Reading (Fantasy, Classic, Informative). Cars. Sports. Passion. Effort. Sincerity. Stability. Friendship. Laughter.

Dislikes: Poor hygiene. Insincerity. Negligence. Being taken for granted.

It gets lonely in here.  I am not in touch with the people who I thought were my friends on the outside.  A valuable lesson learned.  I will appreciate you taking the time to reach out to me, and look forward to hearing from you.


PERSONAL NOTE FROM FBTW:  We do not know this young man; however, have corresponded with him on a number of occasions and find him to be intelligent, polite, well-mannered, thoughtful and interesting.  He would likely make a very good friend or more to someone special, and we hope someone will take the time out of their busy day to respond to him, as he has not received any replies as of yet.  He is unable to receive emails, so please respond to him at the address listed in his ad.

*** Seeks Correspondence with: Female (Straight & Bisexual) ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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Ad Started 03-17-2016