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DOB: 08-31-1993
RACE: African-American
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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Bernard Johnson

General Mailing Address:
#549138 / BA-234
PO Box 279
Clifton TN 38425

The Perfect Stranger ...

Greetings: My name is Bernard Johnson & I’m a 23-year-old Memphian from Tennessee who’s in pursuit of the perfect stranger. I have an additive personality that thrives on the mental stability of a dynamic woman who can see past the “walls” and welcome the thought of a new encounter from a young man such as myself.

Reading is a pastime that allows my mind to explore different places in the realm of fiction, which is exciting (Stephen King is my favorite author). Since I was a kid I’ve always had a special fondness of birds, which inspired me to go bird watching. I am a work in progress and with some assistance I am striving to become a desired representative of passion! A passion I share only when I’m writing poetry, letters, essays & short stories. I’m an educated man with a 3.4 GPA. I have an infatuation with science especially chemistry. It’s the random mixture of raw talent and ambition blended with curiosity and we are on the precipice of a new element that could be FRIENDSHIP.

Currently I’m taking a vocational class – Computer Literacy. I started off slow but now I can type 47 words per minute. I come from a large family, so I value the reciprocation of ideas and thoughts of good people with great hearts. These “walls” leave you partially blind which allows you to go on a new element – FAITH. This “wall” is only a facade seeing that you want something more than what’s being presented to you on a daily basis. It’s time to invest in a new element to compliment your life, and fuel the curiousness of your heart and soul. For you can’t learn new lessons until you are challenged…..


-Bernard Johnson

*** Seeks Correspondence with: Straight Female ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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