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DOB: 05-30-1990
RACE: African-American
HEIGHT: 6' 6"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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Marcus Chapman

General Mailing Address:
#249352 / 3CH-13-L-1
Kentucky State Penitentiary
266 Water Street
Eddyville KY 42038

Through this wishing well web site I drop my last believing like Santa at the North Pole and will grant me every wish and send all these presents down my chimney ASAP to this Mr. Right unlimited heart to heart to other pictures, unconditional loving people with numbers to call for comfort & venting. Send video pictures/emails through consistently.

Reserving global communication with all intellectual foreign internationals overseas, exotic nation wide assets for real, my crushes, fantasies, fetishes, dreams of meeting opportunists and making cool new friends from all walks of life; different ages, colors, cultures, no exclusions. All are welcome to feel free and be yourself and never hesitate to write this Dear John. But only one will win this first class ticket to paradise fresh out of the gate on my release date. I’m single, not married or kids. Could you change that? No Russian Roulette, truth or dares, just a bedroom eyed future attraction. Prince Hakeem writing you anonymous on pages of gold & sense of humor.

I’m a 6 ft. 6, 193 lb., shooting star that landed in the ruff. A treasure with a Disney magical sparking zealous aura of patented talent yet discovered cut, polished, buffed by a Hollywood fingertip touch of this action. I’ll make a box office boom prosperity.

I’m a Gemini who’s a versatile global warming musician voice that will make any nez buckle visiting this medallion ripen the runway thermostat busting confident hot boy. Shirt peeling Red Bull stud & stamina. High self esteem, phenomenal C-Deziel vasek. I’ll be like true reason Stella Got Her Groove Back satisfaction guaranteed.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Gay/Lesbian & Transsexual/Transgender ***
Sexual Orientation: Gay

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