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DOB: 07-15-1978
RACE: Caucasian
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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Rocky Forrester

General Mailing Address:
Stateville Correctional Center
PO Box 112
Joliet IL 60434

Attention, I am seeking a strong and very independent black female, who is open-minded, emotionally soothing and spiritually guided. I desire to communicate with a dark or caramel skinned female. No white girls please! No offense, it’s just that I have a natural affinity for black women and it would cheat my heart out of so much if I chose to deviate from my inner-most desire… I need a mature friend, someone who is sincere within their hearts, someone who is forgiving and caring… I desire the deeper depths of a woman that will uncover the spirit. I desire to experience the warmth of being needed, wanted, cared for, even loved… Listen, I am not looking to play games, I am not looking for financial come ups…

I desire the most simplest of things -> Honest companionship! I am seeking a woman friend that is open to writing and exchanging written thoughts and affections, a woman who is willing to share photos… A woman who is willing to accept a call or one day sit down with me for a visit… Ladies if you don’t like writing then don’t waste my time or yours. Writing letters is my main source for communicating. It is my strongest bonding tool….

About myself; I am a 39-year old white male. I am kind, compassionate and loving… I am attracted to black women and feel like there is no greater beauty than the dark and caramel skinned female. I respect you ladies!

My life has had its fair share of mistakes and misfortunates but those mistakes do not define me. I am of mature heart, mind, body and soul… I am more than my mistakes! I just need to meet someone who isn’t all about themselves… Someone who believes in making another person happy and trusting that what they give will reward them with receiving so much more in return…

Listen, I’m really not looking to write many people. I just desire to find that one special lady that I can vibe with, a woman that I can bond to… I realize that this little profile doesn’t display who I am or what I am about… All I can really do is sit here and hope that somewhere out there is this huge world of ours there is a beautifully dark or caramel skinned woman who happens to have an affinity for white men. Write me and write with an open heart and mind. I will answer every letter sent to me… I request that you offer me many details about yourself in your opening letter… Please only people with serious hearts need to reply as I need a woman not a child…


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Straight Female ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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