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DOB: 03-29-1962
RACE: Caucasian
HEIGHT: 5' 11"
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Blue

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Phillip Carson

General Mailing Address:
#091914 / A-14
ASPC - Eyman / Cook
PO Box 3200
Florence AZ 85132

What’s up? I’m kick back, wondering who you might be, what you’re doing, which state or country you live in and what kind of things you do for excitement. Tell me, if I interest you; My name is Phil. I was raised in California, went to Salinas High, surfed San Diego, worked in Montery, studied TKD from eight to sixteen, joined the Army “Infantry-Airborne” at seventeen, went to Ft. Benning, got my “wings” and “Blue-Ribbon.” After the Military I moved to Vegas to find my DNA father. Got a job in grocery “again,” as a produce manager, moonlighted as a stripper, got a gig, modeling star tuxedos at Caesars Palace. Then moved to Arizona, got work at “Smitty’s,” in the grocery biz. 

I miss the ocean! Met a cool woman in Phoenix, we married, 7 years later, I beefed with a dude over her. I killed him; went to trial, got 25 to Life (for a crime of passion). That was 28 years ago. While in prison I have earned 130 college credits, taken every program under the sun, some 3 times. I work out like an Airborne-Ranger! Still, smile. I work as a Porter & Legal-Beagle.

My musical tastes run from; Elvis, Five Finger Death Punch, Sinatra, Evanescence, Midnight Star, Kid Rock, Nickleback, Styx, Carpenters, Breaking Benjamin, Journey, Sade, Eagles, KRS One “Spiritually-Minded,” Floaters “Float Float On;” Just some of my collection. Can’t forget Waylin, smile, and Jones. 

I am 5’11”, blonde, blue eyed, 210 Lbs., still running marathons (halfs), my fav shoe is “Nike,” “Just Do It!” Smile. My 11” “Nikes,” have taken me to this point in life. 

Write back and share some of your experiences with me, allow me to bring you something new, with my words, you will be pleased.

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*** Seeks Correspondence with: Anyone ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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