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DOB: 07-02-1985
RACE: Hispanic
HEIGHT: 5' 6"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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Edwin Rios

General Mailing Address:
Great Meadow Corr. Facility
Box 51, Route 22
Comstock NY 12821-0051

The feelings I feel can only be seen as this beautiful woman enters my deepest dreams. I know that it’s her but her face is a blur, she smells of roses with a touch more comforting than the softest fur.

The feelings I feel are surely true, just as her eyes match the oceans blue. Her past leads to darkness and her heart is my clue, but she runs from true love to avoid facing the truth.

The feelings I feel can only be felt as I look into her eyes. She makes my heart melt. I yearn to see her beauty more than I’m allowed, so I enjoy the times I can even if there’s a crowd.

The feelings I feel can only be seen as this beautiful woman enters my deepest most cherished dreams…

Hello! I’ve been incarcerated since 2012. I’m currently looking to reconnect with the outside world. It’s been over 7 years since I experienced any companionship or friendships. I don’t have a strong family support system. I’m not in need of a caretaker. I’m financially stable. I’m seeking someone I can laugh and joke with, talk to on a regular basis, someone I can confide in about things I can’t express to another prisoner. I speak Spanish. Since I’ve been incarcerated, I’ve taught myself how to read. I’ve overcome some of my insecurities regarding relationships. 

I love to exercise and study business avenues for my return back to society. I’m someone who has a need for emotional bonding before rushing into anything serious. I’m looking for a calm, stable home and the closeness of a controlled emotional committed relationship. I’m a caring and thoughtful man. I like to be completely involved in my friends or companions life.

All females are welcome. I like someone who is outgoing, spontaneous, and caring. I would like to meet someone who is between the ages of 21 & 35. But I won’t be picky because all women are welcome.

I hope you’re interested in something I expressed about myself and I hope to hear from you soon… smiley


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Female (Straight & Bisexual) ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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