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DOB: 09-26-1988
RACE: African-American
HEIGHT: 6' 4"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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Bradney Smith

General Mailing Address:
Alfred D Hughes Unit
Route 2, Box 4400
Gatesville TX 76597

I pray that these few lines find you in the best of health and somehow in someway brings a smile to your face. I am looking for a meaningful correspondence, friendship or whatever might blossom from the seeds we plant.

I usually don’t do this but for you, I’m more than willing to give a piece of my mind. You see, doing time will cause some people to block themselves out from the world and become content with what’s going on around them. I believe I’m different. I want someone to look forward to share pictures with, build and grow mentally with and lift one another up spiritually.

A little about me; I like to play basketball, read, and write music or the occasional poem when I’m inspired. The most common misconception is that we all walk around sad or have bad attitudes, but some of us (i.e., myself) have enough joy in our hearts and are in strong enough spirits to uplift those around us with our positive demeanor. Now I do have days of sadness because of my situation and thoughts of my loved ones, but I don’t let it keep me down. Even though I’m physically locked down; mentally, spiritually, and emotionally I’m still elevating. I also feel that genuine relationships, whether it be business or personal, only provide more elevation. I believe that a beautiful flower can sprout in a field of weeds. 

Please provide address!! Waiting for your response.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Female Only ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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