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DOB: 01-13-1983
RACE: Caucasian Hispanic
HEIGHT: 5' 11"
EYES: Brown

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Terry Gonzales, Jr.

General Mailing Address:
#P-62116 / ASU Z #176
Lancaster State Prison
PO Box 4430
Lancaster CA 93539

"Wealthy, Confident, Loyal Man Seeking Friendship"

Greetings! My name’s Terry and I’m from Northern California. I come from a wealthy Silicon Valley family. My father invested in the Stock Market by day and professionally gambled at night. Unfortunately, I recently lost my parents. My loss has been difficult but I’m managing. 

I don’t share my loss with you in hopes of buying a “sympathy card.” Death is tragic, but it’s a part of life. I’m a genuine man with no ulterior motives. I open up because I want for you to get to know me (and vice versa).

There’s a stigma attached to prisoners. I’ve heard things like “prisoners use pen pals for financial gain” and similar statements. I can’t speak on behalf of anybody but myself. That having been said, I go to canteen, order my own packages, and am extremely comfortable and in need of nothing materialistic.

My father was the knowledgeable one of Wall Street, so I don’t invest in that. But, I made 100K through Bovada (online sports gambling) last year alone, so trust me when I tell you I’m stable. I’ve got a 3rd-party (power of attorney) whom places the bets for me. I do so on a daily basis. Needless to say, I don’t need anything financially from you. I’ll never ask you for one red cent. Please don’t take things wrong; I’m not cocky, I’m simply well-suited and confident.

I’d rather hear the ugly truth over a beautiful lie, and I definitely practice what I preach. You should expect nothing less. Most of my friends have had ulterior (financial) motives with me. And although I’m very generous, I’m seeking somebody that likes me for “me.” 

I’ve educated myself throughout the many years of my incarceration and have truly changed my life around. I’m serving a life sentence, but I qualify for SB261 (early parole for youth offenders), so I expect to be paroled in 2028. 

I’ve been called enthusiastic, easy-going, caring, giving, thoughtful, and loyal. I’m tall, tattooed, disease/drug-free, respectful, and possess a great moral compass.

Fun activities for me are sports and writing! I like writing lengthy letters. It feels good to receive mail and interact with the outside world, so I’m posting this ad in hopes of receiving YOUR letter in the mail. C’mon, politic with me; let’s talk about the birds, bees, lakes, trees, nightmares, and dreams. (LOL)

I love laughing and making my friends laugh. I’m also a bookworm that loves nonfictions, true crime novels, sociology, sports, educational material, and the Bible.

I’ve got three brothers, two sisters, and a ton of nieces and nephews. I’m a music lover, especially R&B, Soft Rock, Classic Rock, Country, and Hip-Hop. It depends on the mood. (LOL) I’m strong, determined, and a glass-half-full type of dude. I don’t play mind games or engage in BS. I’m an animal lover and wear my heart on my sleeve, but I’m far from a pushover.

I’m an organic man that’s seeking friendship. I’d love to visit with someone and could give assistance if it’s needed. All I ask for is sincerity.

I’m smart/educated, wealthy, kind-hearted, and non-judgmental. I love comedies and action movies, reality TV shows, and all sports events. Music, family, friends, sports, drawing, writing, and exercising are some of my biggest passions. I’m artistically talented with a pen and have been known to write thought-provoking material. I’d love spending time getting to know you. Tell me about yourself, ask questions, open up dialogue. I’m honestly awaiting your letter. Include your phone # if you’d like to chat. I’ll definitely respond to you. Until then, you take care and keep a smile on your face.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Anyone ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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Ad Started 02-27-2020