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DOB: 12-25-1977
RACE: African-American
HEIGHT: 6' 0"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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Rommell Mitchell

General Mailing Address:
#GH8018 / SCI Greene
Smart Communications/PA DOC
PO Box 33028
St. Petersburg FL 33733

Thanks for reading my ad. I hope to find a female friend. Prison is a lonely cold place. Over the years I’ve lost mostly all of my so-called friends. The parole board is not playing fair in my state. They keep giving me hits, so I can’t get home to be the good man that God has taught me to be. I really miss the joys of being a free man. Being able to pick up the phone to call my female friends when I’m having a rough day. To hear a soothing voice full of positive reassuring words letting me know that I’m cared for and everything will be alright. Though that might seem small to some in the free world, a kind word in my world means everything to me. A female who’s truly able to look deeper then the surface, and not judge a book by its cover. She is the perfect definition of the woman I ask to contact me. 

I came to prison as a young foolish person. I am no longer that guy. I’m 100% man now. And I want a good life with good positive people in it after my release. I’m a smart, loyal, ambitious, strong man. To become a father, husband, and best friend, to a beautiful, non-judgmental, supportive, kind woman one day, is what I wish for. I see the parole board April of twenty-twenty three. I’m a down to earth man who likes to laugh and have a good time. I like to read, write, work-out and cut hair. I like to share my thoughts with others about serious real life issues. Especially about the way the Pennsylvania Prison System and parole board is so racist, and doesn’t parole black and brown men at half the rate that they parole the white inmates. I am not racist. I’m cool with anybody as long as you respect me.

Females of all races are encouraged to write me. I am not gay. I have nothing against them. Men who want to write me ab out the social injustices going on in the PA Prison System and around this country, feel free to do so. Maybe we can come up with a solution? My mailing address is in Florida. I’m incarcerated in Pennsylvania. Trust that if you write me at the Florida address listed above, I will get it. For same day communication you can email me by going to and make yourself a contact. It costs five bucks for the purchase of links. I will reimburse the five bucks. Below are the ten easy steps to follow to become my contact. Any questions asked of me will be answered honestly. I don’t respect liars, or people who play head games. Peace to you and yours. 

(1) Go to
(2) Press the create an account. Fill in the required information and make a login ID password. Then go to the “sign in” button in the upper right of the home page and use your ID and password. [Then the sign page may automatically appear after you fill in the account information.]
(3) Once you log in, the web site with the “Dash Board” box on the left should appear.
(4) Under “Add a Facility,” click the arrow next to “Select a State” then click Pennsylvania on the drop down list.
(5) Click the arrow next to “Select a Facility on the drop down list. Go to “Pennsylvania DOC” and click the “ADD” button to go to the next page.
(6) Next to “Inmate” under “My Account” on the left, press the “Search for Inmate” button in the appropriate boxes, enter “Rommell Mitchell” for my name, and GH8018 for my booking number.
(7) You will also want to go back to “My Account” and click “Payment Methods.”
(8) Back at the “Services” [Under the Dash Board] menu, click “message,” and go to the box for “Available Credits,” and press “Buy Credits.”
(9) Press “ADD Contact” on the left if my name isn’t already in the Contact Box.
(10) Click “Compose.” A form will appear on the right for writing an email. At the top press the arrow next to the “To” box and click on my name Rommell Mitchell. Just follow the instructions from there. Thank you.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Anyone ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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Ad Started 05-14-2020