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DOB: 08-01-1991
RACE: African-American Islands
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
HAIR: Raven
EYES: Dark Brown

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Wilhens Theodule

General Mailing Address:
Moore Haven Correctional Facility
PO Box 719001
Moore Haven FL 33471

Yo; few people know me by Theo most know me by B-J, which means Big Jit, which you pick? I believed, when out there, I was a gangster and a hustler in the wrong things, in the small world I thought I lived in, but slowed down or stopped, other stuff, because I didn’t want my heart and soul to become cold. The last move, though, got me in here and I started to remember. I grew up poor, like many, and my mother would be mad at me, at times, when I gave my shirt, or clothes, for others, even when they all had more than us. My family is painted by my absence but is a really beautiful heart, but like me our trust is low, yet really kind and sweet. 

So, as time went, I was always treated older than anyone believed I was so, I matured quick and didn’t have too much of a childhood. Serious, yet I have always cared and gave people some benefit-of-a-doubt and try to be fair. Before I lost myself I started working on myself even until I came in here. Expelled at eighth grade. I still got my diploma and, want to make up all that time I cheated myself for; growing my intellect by going to college, when out, and less for titles. 

I love smart women and the ones that are not afraid to fart. Black Joker is the other name because my jokes are so dry and lame but laughing and being high on life is one of my choices. Open-minded and a bubbly big kid, in the sense, and looking for new friends to get to know. I’m also open for more, even though my heart been broken before. 

So, the story ends with helping humankind and building something with that someone as well as having people that one can trust. Thank you for your time. Album: Queenin’. Artist: Neisha Neshae. Song: Love Life.

You can find me at PO Box 719001 – Moore Haven, FL 33471 with my name and DC# or you could hit me up by going to JPay Mobile. Put in Florid and then my name and DC# and follow the few instructions.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Female Only ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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