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DOB: 06-01-1989
RACE: Caucasian Other
HEIGHT: 5' 10"
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown

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Roger Teas

General Mailing Address:
Spring Creek Correctional Facility
3600 Bette Cato Drive
Seward AK 99664

I have space in my head that is filled with all kinds of philosophical and spiritual ideas from years and years of reading and meditating on people’s ever evolving questions of life and death, or whether or not God is real, or if Buddha is a saint. These kinds of debates revolve in my head because of what happened to me to give me such a hefty prison sentence. I ended up questioning life itself. I had to ask what was wrong on this planet to bring such circumstances as this together. 

As I look to resolve it all in the court of appeals, I’m looking for friends to keep me company through these letters. I’m open to most all topics. I’m not biased at all. I’ve lived around all walks of life and studied all kinds of beliefs in my own search for truth. I have a full body of tattoos that are a story of that search. I take tattoos to be less of artwork and use them in the original tribal sense, that each one has a connection to a past event or some sort of learned knowledge. And it is this story and knowledge that I have a desire to share and build new friendships with. I’ve lived in Alaska all of my life and have spent the last 13 years in prison fighting an insanity law that doesn’t have any positive effect on my case.

Before prison, I had no tattoos, but was not exactly a law abiding citizen. I’d say that I’m more straight-edge now than I was then, which is ironic. I did snowboard and hike mountains like any Alaskans, but no, I did not live in any igloos. I lived in Sitka where I was born and raised. It’s a rainy fishing town where I hope to return to. 

I have more to write, but that’s the whole point of pen pals! Feel free to contact me, and take care!


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Female Only ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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