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DOB: 04-27-1988
RACE: Hispanic
HEIGHT: 6' 0"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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Jonathan Yrineo

General Mailing Address:
#177415 / #1 / 303
Fremont Correctional Facility
PO Box 999
Canon City CO 81215

What’s good? I really hope to hear from some of those beautiful ladies out there soon! My name is Jonathan but my stage name is Make-A-Wish. HA HA. I also go by SD for San Diego. I’m 33. I’m an artist and a tattoo artist. I love to draw and I do tattoos all day long in prison. I’m very good and I can’t wait to get out and follow my dreams and go to school. I literally have thousands and thousands of hours in and who knows maybe I’ll blast my name on you when I get out. 

I’m pretty laid back and chill and love to laugh. But I’m definitely not afraid to step off into that ganster stuff and whoop some botty but I’m gettin older now and I just kinda wanna chill and enjoy life now. I’m definitely looking for my wifey. One I could put a ring on the finger and twins in the oven. But she’s gotta be down to stay forever young with me! I’m an absolute clown and I’m going to bring a lot of laughter and joy in your everyday life. I got a lot of confidence in myself. Also my personality will steal your heart quick. I’ve been so lonely for so so so long and I’m tired of having that void missing in my life. 

I’m someone who’s got the heart of a giant but absolutely no one in my life to give it to. I feel completely alone. My life is just loveless. So just know I would be excited to hear from you so please don’t hesitate or be shy and hit me up. I will respond. I promise. I don’t care if you are green, blue or short, tall, skinny, a lil thicker, what part of the world you live in hit your boy up! I’m your pen-pal, etc. 

A lil ice breaker and quick question, what’s your definition of loyalty? I’m interested to know what your answer is. J-Pays are the quickest ways to get into contact with me. This is very important. Please don’t forget to leave your phone # and contact information in the J-Pay letter. I’m so excited and hope to hear from you soon.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Straight Female ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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