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DOB: 08-14-1977
RACE: African-American
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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DeShum Smith

General Mailing Address:
#275749 / B2-104
WI - New Lisbon Correctional Institution
PO Box 189
Phoenix MD 21131

Hi, my name is Mr. Deshum Smith. I'm currently incarcerated until June 2022 after completing the earn released program where it help myself and others to become a better person make greater choices in life to not end up back incarcerated. I was sentence to 7 years for being a party to a crime. Yes I didn't hold nobody for their action to whom was really responsible truly something I needed to learn about accountabilities being honest and truthful no matter what people may think of me, so yes I'm saying I gave that life style up because it ain't worth it starting a new life is very worth it while serving my time.

I have enrolled back into school to further my education to help land myself for a good job when time come for me to seek employment. I earned my high equivalent before my incarceration. My goals are to successfully complete parole own a dump truck then start my own LLC which I have be studying for a CDL. I completed Thinking For A Change, Cognitive Thinking Phases 123 and 4 to stay ahead of my game when being mentally challenged by other inmates even tho it’s very tough when changing but staying focus is key I also build a relationship with God to really see who I am today and my purpose here on earth along with my destination. I read books such as (Know Thy Self  by ASA G. Hilliard (Conversation With God 1 and 2 by Neale Donald Walsch. Oh such a great book. Please read them. Also there is book 3 but I wasn't able to have it sent to me yet then the (MAN Minute) by Jason Cruise. Last one (Prayer the Great Adventure) by David Jeremiah. Let me tell you yes the books have help me a lot becoming open-minded and strong-minded. They say to be aware is to stay alive.

Okay let me share a something's about me, I'm 44 years of age. I'm a Leo born in Chicago, Illinois. Raised here in Milwaukee. I'm very respectful, family oriented. My father passed away though I still have my mom we are very close. She is my rock, also my pool partner. Yes moms can shoot a pool table, don't let us see one. LOL. One thing I miss is her so much and I choose not to ever let her down again by making wrong choices in life. I have two sisters, 3 adults kids, 1 teen, 3 boys, 1 girl along with four grand kids. Yes we all communicate, enjoy ourselves during visitation. I love my kids. Just kids period. Another reason change had to come being a great dad is to be in their life. I love to work. I love to cook and eat. I love cleaning, working, cuddling, watching movies, being romantic, submissive. My picture shows that I'm in good shape for my age. I've been grooming myself. I love traveling. I love indoor, outdoors events adventures. I love to listen. 

Now because I didn't before couldn't tell me nothing I thought I knew everything and I love to learn more about life offers and great people, which will help me progress more in life to become successful and not an inmate ever again. So if you believe people can change or in a second change or even giving words of encouragement here and there to help keep my focus to better myself, I truly would honor it embrace it from my heart. I'm looking to building a friendship for now someone who has experience change very open minded, a nice sense of humor such as myself spiritual. Oh spiritual connecting is something I would love if a few of the things I said are you or can become you don't be shy, I'm  waiting  you never know... God Bless.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Straight Female ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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