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DOB: 02-17-1971
RACE: African-American
HEIGHT: 6' 0"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Blue

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Christopher Thompson

General Mailing Address:
#108593 / E Unit
PO Box 777
Canon City CO 81215


I’m Chris but my friends call me “Big Tex.” Yes I’m from Houston, Texas. My family calls me “lil Sonny.” I’m 6 ft. even and 242 lbs. with a few tattoos. I work out 4 to 5 days a week. I sing in a band here named “Nexus.” When I’m not in here my family owns horses and I ride. Don’t get me wrong I’m not all country so don’t trip, boots one day Nikes the next. I have a good sense of humor which is needed for your sanity in here. I love laughter because a day without it is a day wasted. Think how many times have you really laughed today.

I have become a very open-minded person willing to try anything. If we never try new things how will we know what does and doesn’t make us happy. A day finally came that I stopped settling for the same old things and started wanting more. I opened myself up to experiencing different kinds of friendships and relationships. The best thing was when I became true to myself. I stopped worrying about what other people thought of my lifestyle and the people I choose to be in it. And because of that I’m a much better person with a lot to offer someone. I just want to be a person that puts a smile on people’s faces and lifts them up when they’re down. All I ask is for someone to feel the same about me.

So take a chance this just might be the start of a good friendship we both need and deserve.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Female & Transsexual/Transgender ***
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

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