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DOB: 05-16-1984
RACE: Caucasian Other
HEIGHT: 6' 3"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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James Patterson

General Mailing Address:
#V57371 / A-5-141
Mule Creek State Prison
PO Box 409020
Ione CA 95640

Curious bystander, your open viewing is greatly appreciated.

I must admit your odd for interest of reaching out to an unknown criminal or should I say stranger.

Thanx technology!

I’m playing, but no really why are you reading this??
Seeking 101 Bank Robbery?
No, smaller like gas stations?
NO, go for the thrill rob the cartel?
Imagine closets full with #20’s, $50’s…
Think about that for a moment okay…
Why just ask?
Because the closest you’re gonna get to that is in front of your TV screen and this stranger you’re planning to talk to you lunatic!
Why are you still reading this?
I dunno, I bore, my friend has a pen pal thought be interesting, voices said so, street credit gain, I want to go to prison when I grow up…
Wait, what?
This prisoner ain’t cute, then what?
School project?
Got Redbull?
Internet freak? Yess!
Who is this?
Crim who?
Criminal who’ll rob you very soon!|
This explains, you’re in a prison hospital you’re crazy… probably on psycho meds,
I’m weird?
Though you’re engaging?
Just saying you are who you read and write right?
You’re a menace to society, hope you rot.
Harsh… A people can change.
Perhaps, why’d you do it?
Desperate times, desperate measures, made wrong decisions.
Are you that book author James Patterson?
Yeaahh, the millionaire with an addiction of robbing businesses for the hell of it.
Okay starting to believe you’re crazy, by now.
No wait?
Can I write you?
Sure, do you mind running with the Devil?
Yeah, he’s amazon too. I’m working on getting my wings back soon.
You use to fly?
Okay you’re for sure high whoever this is?
Maybe, sometimes.
Yeah, I’ll get my doctor to contact your doctor.
I don’t have one.
You do know I’m “PHD” Certified…
Write me let’s mitigate your problems.
I’m confused?
Exactly, it was the sole purpose of you talking to me… I accept Jpays, Western Union, Cash, no Personal Checks…
Hello? … Hello?... Hellloo?...
Dame, almost!


Welcoming friends to jump aboard that don’t mind sharing thoughts/laughs with a stranger. smiley

I’m that quiet guy in the corner… Lil weirdness and clownship… Comes with written package… But norm.

It’s going on two decades of incarceration. My experiences led to recognitions, realization and change. Not saying I’m perfect but the route I had taken in past no longer exists.

I believe open communication, understanding, awareness, honesty, change and equal fairness among more than shows respect for one another takes us a long way.

I seek only friends to keep me moving & in touch with the real world. Until I reach my next destination I look forward toward your acquaintances… Thank you.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Anyone ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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