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DOB: 08-07-1975
RACE: Hispanic
HEIGHT: 5' 5"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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Ruben Camarillo

General Mailing Address:
French Robertson Unit
12071 FM 3522
Abilene TX 79601

For what person perceives, knows & understands what passes through a man’s thoughts except the man’s own spirit within him? Just so no one discerns or comes to know and comprehend the tho thoughts of God except the spirit of God. 1 Corinthian’s 2:11.

Hello my name is Ruben Camarillo. I am a 45-year-old Hispanic straight male. I was born and raised in Dallas, TX. I’ve been incarcerated for about 18 years now. I try to be a more of a, 

“The cup is half full type of guy.”

I enjoy pastime activities like reading pretty much anything I can, writing, but most of my writing is usually to myself. Like most recently, I did an essay on the book “Battlefield of the Mind.”

I love listening to music. Music soothes my soul. I do what we call surf the dial. I put the radio on my chest and go from one end to the other, only stopping to listen to what is good. But I listen to everything! Christian, Country, Rock, Classic Rock, R&B, & Rap. I like to draw and work out. I’ve worked to get my GED, taken Vocational Classes, Construction, Carpentry, Cognitive, Financial classes, Bible Studies. Just trying to keep things on a positive level. But I’m not going to lie and try to make it seem like I am some kind of angel or something, because I’m not. I’m the farthest thing from that. 

I’ve been dragged through the valleys of hell in my years of being incarcerated, and have taken so many losses. But through my long journey, I have learned a lot, and one of the most important things is that we can’t choose our destination, only the path. So while some people charge towards the goal, given it all they have. There are some that stumble, fall and crawl fighting tooth and nail. It’s not the speed that really matters. It is the direction we are going. So even though I’ve been stumbling, falling, and crawling to break free of the chains and strongholds that I wrestle with. At the end day I have to put my faith and trust in the Lord’s hands. Because his understanding exceeds anything than our own human understanding can conceive.

It would be nice to be able to find and communicate with that someone on the same mission as me. Who is trying to see out a positive friendship with someone to correspond with.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Anyone ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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