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DOB: 01-10-1978
RACE: Caucasian
HEIGHT: 5' 6"
HAIR: Light Brown
EYES: Brown/Blue

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Raymond Montezello

General Mailing Address:
#P-97422 / A4-217
Mule Creek State Prison
PO Box 409020
Ione CA 95640

Call me multicultural and charismatic. I’ve met people from all-walks-of-life throughout the “school-to-prison” pipeline system.

Although my nationality is White, I was raised among Mexicans for most of my life. Simply stated; I was “adopted” by an immigrant attendant of the Roman Catholic Parish associated within the Society of Jesus nuns, who cared for me until age 5.

Unfortunately I was unruly and disobedient; I ran away at age 15 and joined with a gang in Los Angeles. It was like that until age 22 when I hit rock-bottom and entered rehab.

At that point, I felt really guilty because I had let down my real friends (from school), left behind a high school sweetheart and failed to develop my talents for my contribution to society. There was also the shame of how I had lived and what I had done to myself while addicted to cocaine. 

Although I had become physically healthy, I was spiritually and emotionally sick. Because I was desperate to accomplish some instant act of nobility, I failed myself into believing that committing a homicide would compensate for my failure to society.

I now admit that I had gone through a period of insanity, and that I still battle with the consequences of my foolish actions to this day.

I don’t have much to offer other than friendship and real interaction. I am very lonely and would like to meet somebody mature who will give me an opportunity. Thank you.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Female (Straight & Bisexual) ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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