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DOB: 09-06-1971
RACE: African-American
HEIGHT: 6' 4"
HAIR: Bald
EYES: Brown

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Bro. Rodney Jones

General Mailing Address:
NC - Alexander Correctional Institution
PO Box 247
Phoenix MD 21131

Hi! Smile, because you have been chosen to read this ad. LOL, and I thank God that He allowed you to respond to my need of a friend, my need of someone to write during this captivity of false imprisonment, which occurred back in 2008 in my home town, Charlotte, NC.

My name is Brother, Rodney Eugene Jones. I’m an African man, alpha male who loves Almighty God; I like to travel, write music, poetry; study law, religion; and nature.

I love to smile and laugh whenever feasible in a world filled with massive hate, death, destruction, and spiritual darkness.

I, do (not) see skin color and I am a very open minded person, assertive and receptive, and I humbly request for anyone who respects realness to write me. Yes! I’m lonely in need of a friend… Someone like you!

My response is assured, Smile! LOL smiley


Some say they want fame;
Their lives are fameless –
The got their name in night lights;
There dim bright; they still nameless!

Keep try’n to cause pain –
The pain, I feel is painless!
Some run game to, to gain
Their game’s are still gainless!

A life is shame, a name of fame
Fades away, and now they’re nameless –
That’s how it is when game is ran
for gain –
Lost souls are left gainless!


What is life, if there’s nothing
worth living for?
A good time a laugh from tha past
and a closed door!
Shattered dreams as a king, as
a showboat –
Ya life consumed, like a blaze
in fires smoke!
Choir’s sing as they bring old
church songs!
People shout and rejoice in
tha quiet storms.
Genocides, suicides be coming
Gay pride, pacified; US Forces
risking solder’s lives!
Royal Pink, take a drink, from tha
poisoned sink…
Slowy sink, at the brinks of ya thoughts
that’s how the traveler’s think!


Loving you deep within my soul
A love so vibrant it forever grows.
No deeper a feeling could there be;
My love, sweet baby, is for eternity!

Restless thoughts forever on the mind –
My love for you, as endless as time!
Say you will love me forevermore;
So my restless thoughts can be ignored!

In my heart and soul you remain to be!
My Love, my Baby, is for eternity!

? TIME ?

Gone in a flash –
Some slip -n- slide and bust their ass!
I love to smile, laugh, and rime –
Let’n time serve me, I do not serve time!

By: Bro. Rodney E. Jones 

-Bro. Rodney E. Jones

*** Seeks Correspondence with: Anyone ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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