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DOB: 12-28-1983
RACE: Hispanic
HEIGHT: 5' 11"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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Antonio Villarreal

General Mailing Address:
Sterling Correctional Facility
PO Box 6000
Sterling CO 80751

Hiiiii, my name is Antonio, most people call me Tony. I’m 38 yrs. old, going to be 39 this year, 2022.

I am looking for a special person that can be my friend. I want someone that can build a friendship, & keep it. Trust & loyalty are big. I’m willing to learn all about the right person. I want to know any & everything about you. Thanks to God, I have some big ears, which means I can listen pretty well. We can talk about any & everything or just about your days & nights.

If you are lonely, or bored, I can “be there” for you. If you are married or separated, or whatever your situation, I can be your friend first. Romance is great, but a friendship that’s built on a real friendship… Now that’s something to write home about. smiley

Let’s see, I was born & raised in Caldwell, Idaho. I grew up in a great family for the most part. But I chose wrong. I got involved in the local gangs & made a name for myself. 

I’m fortunate to have my family. A few of my kids were adopted by my dad, and he cares for them as his own. I’m lucky. I hope I can be 10% the man he is. I received my GED when I was 16 yrs. old. I love to learn. But hated school. I’m very active in the outdoors. I love playing sports, working out, some crossfit, running, & I even just like lounging around outside.

My hobbies & accomplishments in prison include, starting to learn music, like the piano & guitar. I just got moved prison, so we’ll see how this one goes. I learned how to tool leather, from cowhide to belts, wallets, clutches, etc. I’ve started painting little silhouettes. And even sold some at an art show a few times.

I’ve completed prison classes & courses, like “Parent-On-A-Mission.” I’ve also completed a course called “Thinking For A Change” and another called “Beyond Thinking.” They are great classes.

I love dogs & I did train them for a while. I’m looking for someone that enjoys smiling & laughing. Someone that will let me have their back & someone that can have mine. I look forward to getting a reply & please know, if you write, I will write back. I’ll always show appreciation for any time you give & share with me.

If you use Email, you’ll go to Please don’t forget to include a return address for snail mail inside of your email. 

Till we meet, keep your head up,

*** Seeks Correspondence with: Female Only ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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