Jaden Moore of New York
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DOB: 10-24-1981
RACE: African-American Asian
HEIGHT: 6' 0"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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Keith Brooks, Jr.

General Mailing Address:
#108827 / 2C
Sterling Correctional Facility
PO Box 6000
Sterling CO 80751

17+ years of confinement took its toll on me. For years I let bitterness, resentment, and distrust drive me to call out so many abuses I’ve lost count. Colorado has handled me under this false narrative that is structured on pure bias and prejudice. Since one of the stereotypes about Black men apply (e.g. we’re ignorant, inarticulate, illiterate, violent, hostile, and lazy) the court system, both state and federal, along with the prison system, took it upon themselves to fill in the gaps in their narrative and overwrite facts to create a villain or object of hate. In turn, defending myself against absolute power has strengthened parts of me I do not like. It’s hard to explain, but by analogy it’s like I see myself split into two people: who I am and who I had to become to cope with helplessness, powerlessness, and loneliness.

I open with this reality because it’s time for me to find a relationship that allows me to grow in aspects more natural to me. This isn’t possible if the history that shaped me isn’t understood. Maybe you can relate. Maybe you’re over it too or still in that mindset of response rather than freedom. Isn’t it time to invest in a relationship that is nurturing instead of one that doesn’t appreciate you for who you are at heart? Is it weird that I make this correlation with how DOC and the court system absolutely refuses to accept me for who I am and deliberately acts to manufacture facts that validate their control of me?

I am a man of passion. This passion need not be matched, just supported. Nothing would bring me greater joy than to have a good-spirited woman to confide in when the world is against me (poetically speaking) and that has my back when having my back is the difference between hopelessness and success. In building on all the work I put in and finally getting the break long overdue, I would be grateful to have a companion that was with me all the way, someone who became my partner.

I could be out never or as soon as my case gets national attention. I’d rather find a soul who prefers as soon as… I like to cook and miss working out and of course cuddling. I write and do legal work and I’m semi-successful at both. I’m prime to make all sorts of contributions to society with entrepreneurial projects in hand and on the verge of founding a non-profit restorative justice organization. There is an overwhelming desire in me to make up for lost time and use my experiences to address abuses. I am not so self-absorbed to be above the simple things such as hard work with a pedestrian life.

I want a fresh-start and hope to find a woman who is looking for the same. Find me in requiem but leave with me in Elysium. 

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*** Seeks Correspondence with: Anyone ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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