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DOB: 12-03-1984
RACE: Caucasian
HEIGHT: 5' 8"
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Hazel

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Adam Densmore

General Mailing Address:
Centennial Correctional Facility
PO Box 600
Canon City CO 81215


My name’s Adam, and I’m currently serving Life Without Parole for First Degree Murder in the state of Colorado. It sucks, in all the ways, but I’ve come to be able to live with it, especially with so much hope on my appeals. And even more especially knowing I’m innocent of murder. Which matters. Right? 

I don’t say that to garner pity, but so you understand why I refuse to be defined by my charges. I am far more than that nonsense. In order of ability, I am a:

1) Peerless Father
2) Bedroom God
3) Incredible Soldier
4) Fantastic Drummer
5) Great Chef
6) Amazing Student
7) Wonderful Teacher
8) Strong Empath
9) Good Gardener
10) Decent Singer
11) Alright Writer

If you’d like to know more about any of these, then by all means ask. I’ll happily expound. Ask me anything for that matter. I’m an open book on most subjects, so ask away. Don’t be shy. I said don’t, woman! smiley wink

I’m looking for honest and open emotional connections on a friendship based level, though I’m open to the possibility of something deeper and more intimate developing (and heavens. I am one HECK of a catch in that case, if I do say so myself) (which I dooo) but that’s not my primary intent here. No pressure on anybody, but whatever happens, happens. That being said, I’m a flirt. Shamelessly. So know that’s part of the Adam Package unless you specifically say you don’t want it. If so, ok. I’ll cut it out. Mostly. I hope. What? It’s fun, ok?! Hush, it is. I said hush! smiley

Something I am NOT here for is to be a band-aid for your emotional issues or a cure for your boredom or anything else you’re temporarily dealing with just for you to discard me then disappear off into the aether once you’re done using me. That’s not ok, and I’m not ok with it. I’m a real person, with the full gamut of emotional capacities, and I deserve the same respect and consideration as every single ‘real’ person you meet in your real life. So if you’re get down is just to write once, or even a few times, but then stop writing, then don’t bloody well bother. Little could be worse for my emotional and mental health.

On that note, I’ll disclose that I suffer from some significant Mental Health issues. I’ll talk more about them if/when we develop a rapport and I feel more comfortable with you. I know sharing helps and, for me, letters especially help. They’re a constructive way to take me out of my own mind and make ostensibly healthy emotional connections, which are in shockingly short supply here in prison. Hard to believe, I know, but it’s true.

If you contact me via JPay, include your contact info. I won’t be able to respond otherwise, and my heart breaks for the girls I can’t write because I don’t have their info. I’d also like a picture of you in your first letter. It’s only being fair, but if you’re not comfortable with that, it’s ok. I’ll just have to imagine you as a super-model, I suppose. So lame, I know. I mean, who likes supermodels. Ugh.

So with all that in mind, if you think you can keep up with my humor ~ which I’ve been told is super dry. Can you tell? ~ and aren’t intimidated by having an unbearably devilishly sexy prison pen-pal who also oozes, and I mean OOZES, pure unbridled sex appeal, then write me. I dare you. I promise I’ll write back.

P.S. Super-Loves

Intelligent Discussions

Taylor Swift songs. NOT ASHAMED.

Green-eyed redheads. Pretty women in general, really. What? I AM a man, you know. S’truth. Just sayin’.

Prime Numbers


P.P.S. Super-Hates

Dallas Cowboys. Sports in general, really.

Canned Food

Green-eyed redheads. They are. The DEVIL. And they make me so weak. I hate how much I love it. And THEM. S’truth. Just sayin’.

Emotional Inequity


P.P.P.S. Ask few questions if you’re struggling for something to write about in your first letter. As your own, or these, in response!

1) What’s your favorite color?
2) What’s your sign?
3) Introvert or Extrovert?
4) Sunrise or Sunset?
5) Favorite Book?
6) Favorite sexual position?
7) What’s your power animal?

Enjoy! Can’t wait to hear from youuu!


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Anyone ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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