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DOB: 11-19-1967
RACE: Caucasian Native-American
HEIGHT: 5' 8"
HAIR: Black-Bald
EYES: Brown

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James Mesa

General Mailing Address:
#F08941 / West E-3-26 U
California Mens Colony
PO Box 8103
San Luis Obispo CA 93403-8103

Hello and how are you?

Please let me say thank you for stopping by and giving me a read. This is not easy for me, I’m hella awkward. Any, I was born in San Francisco, raised in Santa Rosa, California by a single mother. She passed away in 2015. I love and miss her dearly. I’m Irish Italian on my mother’s side and American Indian, Apache on my father’s side. I grew up around everybody, White, Indians, Hispanics, Blacks. I do not like racist people. I’m no angle. I just don’t like racist people. 

I listen to a radio station that plays Bluegrass, 50, 60, 70’s Rock and Roll. I am currently in a computer class, which I admit is fun, but not for me. I would rather work on a car, motorcycle, or even on a garden. Computers are okay for writing a letter, spell check and hit print. Okay I wish I had one. I like the beach, going to the river, farmers markets people watching and getting lost. Hopefully when I get out I can raise some chickens, grow my own vegetables any old way I like.

I like Patsy Cline, Billy Ellish and women with freckles… I have freckles.

Enough about me. Hope to hear from someone soon.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Anyone Straight ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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