Jaden Moore of New York
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DOB: 01-12-1980
RACE: African-American
HEIGHT: 5' 9"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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Dumar Fisher

General Mailing Address:
#T-08877 / D-3/233
SATF - Corcoran
PO Box 5242
Corcoran CA 93212-5242

Hello my Dear Reader,

I would like to politely kick this intro off with a sincere thank you for this rare but beautiful opportunity to possibly establish something with the potential… But of course the introduction must be recognized (first) just like an odd number.

I will move this pen carefully and make sure that I provide you with an in-depth understanding so you’ll be able to form a proper scopeture.

My name is Dumar Fisher. I’m 42 years of age. I’m originally from the streets of South Central Los Angeles, but unfortunately I had made some youthful mistakes that stripped me of my freedom… I’ve had the displeasurement of occupying a California prison cell for the last past (2) decades… so you can just imagine the type of impact that these four walls were able to produce… It would be my pleasure to offer you a rare experience and allow you to journey with me…

I would be nothing more than honored to extend you my full attention and listen to you carefully as you express yourself.

I’m unable to go in-depth with the full extension due to the limited of 250 words. But once the cuffs are off ____ I will provide you with a full issue.

There isn’t nothing wrong with being alone, but my joy and happiness comes from sparking bomb conversations with real people so I refuse to provide loneliness with a seat on my bus. I know that you’ve experienced those days and nights of complete boredom and there’s no reasonable options available.

Well here we are with options… The question is, will they be ignored or addressed with a touch of optimism?

I’m simply seeking friendship. I need someone who would care to understand me. Who finds in being cared for, while being appreciated… Having patience and being nonjudgmental will benefit the interest of our friendship.

“I’m a fan of all races.” There’s no hate worth hate’n for… So don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself… Why wait?

-D. Fisher

*** Seeks Correspondence with: Straight Female ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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