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The photos arrived a few minutes ago.


They are so beautiful.  Also, so valuable and so full of meaning. I have not had a picture of my son, Marlton, with our family in over 20 years!

Bottom line, these pictures mean so much to me and they will mean so much to all of us.  I have to regain my senses so that I can develop a "strategy" for all of us to see and chat about them at the same time. 

Casey, thank you, thank you, thank you... :-)

Donna, California
(son is in Washington State)

Dear Friends Beyond The Wall,

I have never had a photo of my husband outside of these prison walls... until now. The time and heartfelt care you took with producing our photos comes through in all of them. They are absolutely beautiful. I can't believe you were able to take us from two individual photos and merge us together into a completely new background. I have taken this photo to work and can now proudly display it without having to answer the question as to 'where' it was taken.

Thank you for coming up with this wonderful idea to reuite families of incarcerated individuals in a way that was never previously before possible.

Marilyn, New York

Hello Friends!

WOW! I just received my photos and I can't believe they were actually taken in the visiting room. I previously had about 150 photos, all with the same concrete visiting room background. Being able to see my family all together in a place where we would want to be if it were possible means more than words can possibly say.

We didn't know which backgrounds to choose and your staff took extra time to make sure the backgrounds worked best with the original photos. Thank you so much for your wonderful service. I wish someone would have thought of this years ago!

Karen B., Wisconsin

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Important Note from Friends Beyond The Wall
Our Composite Magic Photo service includes moving images from
visiting room photos to new photo locations (home, vacation, etc.).
We have never offered the additional service of changing clothing
(color of clothing or the clothing itself)
due to facility rules throughout the country regarding altering of photos,
and the significant amount of additional time it would take,
making this service cost prohibitive for our customers -
Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information!

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