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Prisoners, Families and Friends ...
Were you in the Visiting Room? ... On Vacation?
With Composite Magic Photos
you Could NEVER Tell The Difference!

Are you tired of seeing you and your family
in dozens of photos taken in the Visiting Room over the years ...
all with the same old boring Visiting Room backdrops?

Photos Beyond The Wall now offers what you've been waiting for ...

We take you out of the visiting room and place you "inside"
the romantic or exotic location of your choice!

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What A Difference!

How would you like to see you and the kids in a home setting or on vacation?

Or you and your "Boo" standing by a hot tub in a plush bedroom, in a cozy living room with a roaring fireplace or in front of a beautiful gazebo surrounded by flowers?

... all in photos you can hang on your walls and show to everyone?

Now it's possible!

Custom Photos
Ideal for:

• Your 'Boo'

• Family Portraits

• Wedding & Honeymoon Albums

• Gifts for Families & Friends

• Hanging in Home or Office

Backgrounds Catalog
over 100 Beautiful Background Locations to choose from!

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Photos Beyond The Wall
featuring Composite Magic Photos
has the Solution for you!

All types of backgrounds are available to choose from: Vacation, Home, Out & About ... and more! View our on-line Photo Gallery Catalog of Photo Backgrounds grouped by category for your convenience. You may also view completed photos in our "Before and After" section!

You've been waiting for it ... and here it is!

Through the use of digital technology, Composite Magic brings you, your family and loved one(s) together in an exciting new way, featuring dozens (your choice) of the most beautiful full-color dramatic background locations that make ALL the difference!

Just send us your favorite Polaroid or 35mm snapshot (it will be returned with your order). With only ONE original photo you're on your way to the destination of your choice ...it's as simple as that! We'll take your image out of those prison photo backgrounds, and place you and yours "inside" the romantic or exotic location that has previously been outside your reach!

The Perfect Gift Idea

Why is Composite Magic the perfect gift idea? Children can show their friends "dad" or "mom," husbands and wives can take their loved one to work ... and best of all ...

No more explaining where the photos were taken!

Some companies simply "paste" your image on a photo background. For the most realistic and unique effect, Photos Beyond The Wall specializes in placing you "inside" the photo! See how the Composite Magic process works! ESCAPE from the confines of those boring "click click" backgrounds, and be released to the free world ... right into the photo location of your choice! We can even inscribe a short message on the photo to your loved one and make it a truly customized gift (i.e., names, dates, special occasions, etc.)

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