Soliciting Our Customers?

The FBTW web site is copyright protected against infringement of any type. This means it is illegal to download/copy our text, graphics, photos, coding, or use any other part of our web site, without the express written permission of Friends Beyond The Wall, Inc.

Friends Beyond The Wall has been providing prisoner pen pal services to our customers since 1999. The background of our staff consists of computer professionals who are also family members and friends of prisoners and ex-offenders. Many Internet companies have taken advantage of our loved ones and friends simply because they have no way to go on-line to check out a company or product before they make their purchase. We will act as their advocates and do whatever we can to protect their interests.

Our customers are rewarded for providing us with the identity of anyone who solicits them from our web site, as we have assured them that we do not give their name and address to anyone, other than for the purpose of meeting new friends. We DO hear from them! Most of our customers have asked that they NOT be solicited from other companies or individuals for participation in surveys, or purchasing of any other type of goods or services.

The above photo unfortunately depicts many of the newer prisoner pen pal companies
who are in this business as a part-time hobby and for all of the WRONG reasons!

When our customers ask us about a certain prisoner pen pal company that has forwarded them information (and we have asked them to do this), we will review the web site and give our professional opinion. Since our only goal is that our customer receives mail, many times we will recommend or promote a competitor, if our customer would like to be placed on more than one web site for additional exposure; however, we'll also expose those that are not a good value, whose site is poorly designed, or companies we believe to be unethical by taking advantage of prisoners. Free sites and those which do not advertise are some that should be steered clear of because they will not produce results.

Friends Beyond The Wall, Inc., pays a tremendous amount monthly for advertising and promotional costs to be listed in the top of most search engines. As a result, as of December 2005, 87% of our 2,000+ customers have received responses to their ads, as tracked by our database, which tracks forwarded email letters (this does not include responses sent to them directly via general mail). This is an incredible response rate for prisoner pen pal ads. Needless to say, we have very satisfied customers because we give them the only thing they are really looking for ... "results!"