Pen Pals Photos

"Written by and for Prisoners and their Families"

"Currently on Hold"

Do you know of a prisoner who would like to
write or provide artwork for our newsletter?

They will have their own by-line!

Please send us an email
with their name, DIN# and address information
and we will send them an application
to contribute as a writer or artist
for our Voices Beyond The Wall Newsletter.

As our Newsletter will not begin until January 2008,
please send email after 12/31/2007

We will need Writers and Artists
for the following sections
of our newsletter:

• Articles & Short Stories Written By and For Prisoners

• Late Breaking News & General Info

• Prison and Politics

• Myth vs. Reality
(let the outside know it's not like what they see in the movies and on TV)

Spotlight on Exceptional Prisoners

"Dear Friends"
(the prison culture's equivalent of "Dear Abby")