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Friends Beyond The Wall, Inc. (FBTW) was established by families and friends of prisoners and ex-offenders. Because we have the close "family" and "friend" connection to prisoners, we have a personal and vested interest in creating and providing services specifically catering to the incarcerated population.

We are located in the Hudson Valley region of New York State (approximately 30 minutes north of New York City).

Our goal is to make our services unique and
affordable for EVERYONE!

Unlike many companies catering to prisoners that offer Pen Pal services only, FBTW offers four specialized services (with more on the way!):

  • Pen Pals Beyond The Wall
    (Romance & Connection Service for Prisoners)

  • Photos Beyond The Wall
    (Were you in the Visiting Room? ...On Vacation? No one could ever tell the difference!--
    Our talented graphic artists will take your image out of your original Visiting Room Photo, and place you and yours "inside" the exotic or romantic location of your choice! No more explaining where the photos were taken! See full-color "Photo Backgrounds Catalog" and "Before & After Photo Samples!" Perfect gift idea!

  • Voices Beyond The Wall
    (Newsletter written by and for Prisoners and their Families--
    Find out what's really going on "beyond the walls"
    Late breaking news, interesting articles, short stories, shopping resources, "Shout Outs" and more!)

  • Greeting Cards Beyond The Wall
    (Discount greeting cards for prisoners, their families and friends. HUGE savings off retail prices - Birthday, Thinking of You, Missing You, Living You, Holiday cards, etc.)

We welcome your ideas for additional services we can offer you, and send our thanks to you for supporting our efforts, and look forward to hearing from you!